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Ever since I was litte, my relatives, teachers, and friends have always described me as a creative and artistic person. I however see myself as a bored person most of the time. I would often spend hours in my own head, daydreaming about fascinating adventures which I want to entail in. To document my imgainations, I started drawing as a hobby at the age of 5. It was in Secondary School when I got pulled into the world of Photography, 2 years ago.

Photography enabled me to entail in new journeys and experiences. It served as a medium for me to dump my ideas into, capturing perspectives and sceneries which resembles those in my head. I specialize in Landscape, Urban, and Travel-style Photography as I always find fulfillment capturing normally mundane sights with a fresh perspective.

Photography is more than just a hobby or career to me. It is the ticket that allows me to embark on new journeys. The canvas I paint my ideas on. The gateway for new experiences. And the fuel that sets my soul on fire.

♠ Sony Singapore

♠ Sentosa

♠ Gardens by the Bay

♠ Commonwealth Secondary School

♣ Location shoots: Starts from SGD $100/hr

♣ Personal/Model Photoshoots: Starts from SGD $100/hr

♣ Events: Starts from $150/hr

♣ Shoots for Corporate Projects: Starts from SGD $200

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♦ location/time/date

♦ purpose of shoot

♦ checklist of items/subjects you want me to photograph on the day

♦ hours of hire

♦ specifications/nature of the work

♦ additional requirements of me

2. Proposed pay for my service

♦ u may use my rates to calculate

♦ price may vary depending on the difficulty/nature of the work.

3. The reason you want to hire me

♦ is it you just need a photographer? my art style? my experience at specific tourist locations?

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